Are halogen light bulbs better than incandescent bulbs?

by admin on July 5, 2011

Question by johnnymac: Are halogen light bulbs better than incandescent bulbs?
Please provided sources.

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Answer by flameout1232
Approximately 95% of the power consumed by an incandescent light bulb is emitted as heat, rather than as visible light. [13] For a given quantity of light, an incandescent light bulb, with 5% efficiency, produces more heat (and consumes more power) than a fluorescent lamp (with 7%-15% efficiency) (See Luminous efficacy table). Incandescent lamps’ heat output increases load on air conditioning in the summer. Some of the heat from lighting can contribute to building heating in cold weather.

Alternatives to standard incandescent lamps for general lighting purposes include:

* Fluorescent lamps, commonly used in commerical and institutional lighting, with higher efficiency and longer life.
* Halogen lamps
* Compact fluorescent lamps , which when self-ballasted can be substituted for incandescent lamps in the same sockets

Incandescent lamps can usually be replaced by self-ballasted compact fluorescent light bulbs, which fit directly into standard sockets. This lets a 100 W incandescent lamp be replaced by a 23-watt fluorescent bulb, while still producing the approximately the same amount of light.

Quality halogen incandescents are closer to 9% efficiency, which will allow a 60 W bulb to provide nearly as much light as a non-halogen 100 W. Also, the lower wattage halogen lamp can be designed to produce the same amount of light as a 60 W non-halogen lamp, but with much longer life. However, small halogen lamps are often still high-power, causing them to get extremely hot. This is both because the heat is more concentrated on the smaller envelope surface, and because the surface is closer to the filament. This high temperature is essential to their long life (see the section on halogen lamps above). Left unprotected, these can cause fires much more easily than a regular incandescent, which may only scorch easily flammable objects such as drapery. Most safety codes now require halogen bulbs to be protected by a grid or grille, or by the glass and metal housing of the fixture. Similarly, in some areas halogen bulbs over a certain power are banned from residential use.

This is from, but as a personal preference I would choose compact fluorescent lamps to light my home unless I had a special application in mind.

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johnandeileen2000 July 5, 2011 at 2:36 am

They give more light per watt of power used, in this respect they are better.


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